Friday night I had the opportunity to go and play at The Worthington Ballroom, a nice cozy room in Parkersburg, WV. The event was arranged by Jeff Fox, a new friend of mine, who I hope to do more shows for in the future.

     Located at the Worthington Golf Course in Parkersburg, this venue was very easy to find and conveniently located. The vibe inside was great. They serve beer from a local brewery that tastes pretty damn good, had great tunes playing before and in between the bands. The PA system was great! I have never heard myself as well as I did hat night.  The lights were dim in the house and bright on the stage creating the perfect environment to play music. Jeff cares alot about the musicians and what their experience is.

     I played around 9 o’clock and performed a set of well received originals to a very welcoming group of people. I threw a cover of Prince’s song ”Purple Rain” into the set, because I knew it would be a hit. I ended my hour long set with a short rendition of “Lost Highway”, a tune written by Hank Williams. The audience was very very kind to me and offered me some pretty great compliments.

     The band hat played after me was a band called Haggard Wulf. They are a Horror/Rockabilly/Country band from Morgantown, WV. With only two members, a gravely punk rock style singing drummer (who stood the whole night), and a guitarist playing some chilling surfy rockabilly rhythms they surely filled the room with their unique sound. check them out on youtube.

     The following band was a blues band called The Jimmy Clinton band. Due to a prior engagement early Saturday morning, I had to miss their set to drive back home to Pomeroy. I hope to catch them soon!

     Saturday, I performed at the Point Pleasant, WV American Legion. It was a Veterans Memorial ceremony, and the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corp. It was pretty incredible to be in the presence of all of these people who sacrificed parts of their lives for my freedom. They are the reason I am able to do what I do, and I appreciate every single one of them. Thanks to you who gave me a listen and allowed me to perform for you.

     This Friday 11/16/12 I am performing at one of my favorite venues, Uncle Kenny’s Saloon in Gallipolis, Ohio. I hope to see you there!


Ben Davis, jr The Dirt Poor Troubadour